Volta ao Mundo starts this Friday!

Whoop whoop!

Our annual event Volta ao Mundo starts this Friday!

With special guests:

- CM Xande Angoleiros do Sertao - Brazil

- CM Marcelo Finco Capoeira Angola Ngolo la Muanda - Greece

- Luanda Pau Afro Cuban Dance Rumba - Cuba - giving us an Orishas dance workshop

Plus the presence of:

- Mestre Simon Fantasma

- Mestre Joaozinho

- CM Boneco

- CM Brisa

- CM Alex

- Professora Rilene

...and capoeiristas from across the UK and around the world!

The event is all taking place in the same area in North London - see the map below, or check it out here

We can't wait to see you there!