What a great start to 2019!

We held our first Agua de Beber roda yesterday Sunday 13th January - and it was a cracker!

Back once again at the Castle, it was great to host capoeiristas from across London and further afield - thanks to everyone who came and made the roda fizz. Special shout-outs to CM Boneco (MQFSM Brighton), M Simon Fantasma (UR Capoeira London), CM Alex Carrapeta (Marrom e Alunos London) and CM Sam (Dendê de Maré London), Treinel Joe Olho Vermelho.

The next roda will be Sunday 10th February 16.30-19.00 at The Castle. Paulinha will be back fresh from training in Bahia - so it's sure to be buzzing. Don't miss out!