Mestre Claudio has arrived!

As you probably know, we're really excited to be hosting Mestre Claudio de Feira de Santana, leader of the group Angoleiros do Sertão, all this week from Monday 19th July to Sunday 26th July.

We have classes starting tonight (Monday), Mestre Claudio will be in Brighton on Tuesday, then back with us for more classes on Wednesday and Thursday. On Friday he will be the special guest at Mestre Joãozinho de Figueira's Sexta do Axé Friday night roda and will be giving a class before the roda. And on Saturday we will host him for a workshop all afternoon from 1pm to 7pm, followed - of course! - by our Boom! party. On Sunday we plan to have a street roda in Columbia Road.

Come and join us - this is a week not to be missed!