New Beginners' Class on Mondays

Starting on Monday 15th June, we will be opening a new class focused on beginners at GAS Station: Gainsborough Learning Centre, E15 3AE. Classes are from 18.30 - 20.30 and cost just £5 per class. More details and a map are on the classes page. Capoeira Angola helps develop fitness, flexibility and strength. Classes include warm-up, stretches, basic Capoeira Angola movements, music and percussion. The approach is supportive and friendly to develop your physical ability and self-confidence but most of all to feel good about yourself! Please wear lightweight trainers and comfortable clothes for movement. Please do not train in bare feet or short trousers.

You can find out more by contacting us here. The classes are at GAS station, which is an artist-led space for the development of artistic and game experiences. You can find out more about our capoeira classes and other events at GAS station here.

Beginners' Class 2.jpg

Beginners' Class.jpg