Vive le Capoeira!

On Saturday 2 May, Capoeira Bemvindo was really happy to host a group of about 25 French teenagers who were visiting London on a school trip. Their teacher met Paulinha at a capoeira event in France last year - and of course, she couldn't pass through London without getting some more Capoeira Bemvindo inspiration!

The group arrived at our regular Saturday Class at Soho Gym in Camden, and got an introduction to capoeira by watching the class. They then took part in training, learning some basic steps. Soon after, they were in the roda, with Paulinha guiding anyone who wanted to play through their first game, and the rest of the group quickly learning some simple choruses. One of the amazing things about capoeira is the way it makes connections – across languages, ages, cultures – and there was some impressive English-French-Portuguese communication alongside the 'conversation' of kicks and escapes. Another amazing thing about capoeira is the way that it generates fun through singing, playing, dancing and fighting together. We think it's clear that this will be a highlight of the school trip!