Celebrating International Women's Day

Paulinha was invited to teach at the event ‘Mulher Quero Ver Você Jogar’ in central London. It was a workshop and roda to celebrate International Women’s Day, hosted by Instructora Caline Cezimbra (Capoeira Club UK). Paulinha led the training with some classic Bemvindo moves – to a packed hall of mainly capoeira Regional players.

Intl Womens Day.JPG

The roda was full and there was one rule: there should always be at least one woman playing. It started quite steady, but the pace soon picked up with some fast moves, amazing acrobatics and loads of axé. There was a great atmosphere and a chance to share culture across the capoeira Regional and Angola communities.

As one of the few capoeira groups we know of led by a woman, and with a majority of women in the group, it was natural for Capoeira Bemvindo to celebrate International Women's day. Of course, everyone is welcome to our classes and our open monthly roda, man or woman - as Mestre Pastinha said, "Capoeira é pra homem, menino e mulher; só não aprende quem não quer."