Thanks for sharing our Birthday with us!

What can we say? Wow! What a fantastic weekend! We had the most amazing 5th birthday celebration - a great weekend of capoeira, samba, vadiacão, party, meeting old friends, making new ones, learning and sharing.

Huge thanks to everyone that came and joined us - we hope you had as great a time as we did.

Special thanks to Mestre Joaozinho da Figueira for your support; to our special invitees Contra Mestre Toicinho and Contra Mestre Pingo for teaching and sharing your knowledge and energy with us; to Contra Mestre Boneco, Contra Mestre Carrapeta and Contra Mestre Laurie for bringing the London and Brighton axé; Professora Chiclete representing from Lille; Professora Rilene for bringing the family vibes; and Professor Guerreiro, and Treneis Dafne, Paula, Piolho and Oli for joining us in bringing the capoeira community together.

As you know, we wanted to make our celebration even more special by raising funds for the wonderful Amazing People of the World (APOW) project, working in Croydon with unaccompanied young asylum seekers as part of the charity Refugee Youth. Thanks to your donations we raised £190 from our berimbau raffle. We'd definitely encourage you to learn more about the project, at If you want to donate further, you can do so here.

Lastly thanks to Camilla and Joe for the amazing video, and Matteusz Łagiewa for many of the brilliant photos. Hope you enjoy them as much as we enjoyed making them!