What a great weekend with Professor Paulo Castor!

Thanks to everyone who joined us this weekend for a fantastic workshop with Professor Paulo Castor of Associação Cultural de Capuêra Angola Paraguassu, São Paulo. Straight off the Eurostar from Paris, Professor Castor joined our Thursday night class and began a weekend of great fun training, games and rodas. We loved his approach to training and it was great to learn about his approach to and philosophy of capoeira. Castor - we hope you enjoy the rest of your trip in Europe, and look forward to welcoming you again soon.

As always, it was a huge pleasure for us to invite the whole capoeira community in London to the event, and to host you for the weekend. We really appreciate the support of all the students and teachers from other groups who came to train, play instruments, sing and vadiar with us. It wouldn't have been the same without you. We often hear from visiting masters, teachers and students that they are impressed by how special the capoeira community in London is in terms of groups coming together to support each other - not just at events but also opening their rodas to others. Capoeira Angola Bemvindo is really happy to be part of that special thing that we have. So thank you to Contra-Mestre Boneco of MQSFM Brighton, Professor Figura and Benji of MQSFM Falmouth; Mestre Simon Fantasma, Contra-Mestre SJ 'Jamaicano', Tim, Emma, Lazaroni, Mel and T from East London Capoeira; Contra-Mestre Alex 'Carrapeta' of Capoeira Marrom e Alumnos; Treinel Paula of Capoeira Marrom e Alumnos; Contra-Mestre Laurie and Contra-Mestre Sam of Filhos de Angola; Charlie Piu Piu and students from FICA London; Angus from Marazul; Serena from Mestre Pedrinho, France; studends from Dendê de Mare, London; and of course, all of the Bemvindo crew!