Agua de Beber, Camarada!

Huge thanks to everyone who came and brought their energy, to our monthly roda on Saturday, including: Mestre Polaco, CM Boneco De Sousa, Professora Rilene, Jo Paçeira, Priya Dabasia, Lucie Riñac, Joel Radli, Tincho Cosarinsky, Joe Yeomans, Matthias Assunçao, Seb (Capoeira Angola Manchester), Jerome and Mona Lisa (FICA London), and students from Capoeira Mojubá, Raizes da Rua, ACM, CM Hiram, and others - and of course not forgetting our own Professora Paulinha! We hope you had a great time, see you at the next one! You can see just a few moments from the roda below!